About The Artist

I’m an artist, an athlete, an outdoorsman, an animal lover, a loyalist, a Canadian.


I’m a skier, a raver, a bodybuilder, a cyclist, a tree hugger, a happy camper.


I'm a CFLer, Grey Cup partier, and the Anti-Rider.


I’ve been called a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal by multiple woman. I’m a gentleman.


I'm a graduate of The University of Western Ontario. I have a degree in Fine Arts.

I admire Diego Velazquez, Andy Warhol and the Great Vincent van Gogh. I respect Velazquez. I love and hate Andy. I have a kinship with Vincent. I look up to Rembrandt, Michael Snow, Yves Klein, Franz Kline, Claude Monet, Mark Rothko, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Laurie Anderson and the Group of 7. 


I’m from Kingston, Canada. Home is U.W.O.. Home is The Zoo. Home is Toronto. Home is Shambhala. Home is Fernie. Home is British Columbia. Home is Canada.


I’m genuine.

I create art about what I love. I love Canada. I love the life that has been given to me by my Grandparents when they immigrated here. I love our wildlife and the northern lights. I love colour. I am colourful, and live to be colourful. I can sit and look at the colours change in nature and be completely content.

All of the animals and landscapes depicted in my work I have seen and photographed myself. 

I create paintings and 3D mixed media artworks of Canadian animals in addition to landscapes, as well as abstract explorations of colour. 

Leith, B.F.A.