Leith is an artist, an athlete, an outdoorsman and a Canadian.

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Leith is a Loyalist born from a love of King and Country. As a child, his father would take him to Montreal Canadiens’ games. The impression of these trips had a deep impact for the young boy. Quebec was a different society compared to Ontario. They spoke a different language in Montreal, which was big and magical in contrast to the quiet country life Leith knew.

Camping has always been a large part of the artist’s life. Throughout Leith’s childhood his parents took him camping across the country. The majesty of the mountains of the west, the never ending prairies, and the frugal small fishing villages of the east, Leith learned what it was to be Canadian. The French, the English, the east and the west - these varying societies could be divergent, and yet simultaneously convergent. All of this was his home, all of it was Canada.


Leith earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario. Since graduating university, Leith has lived in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary. Leith continues his art practice from the mountains of British Columbia, currently residing in Fernie, BC.

Masters whom have influenced Leith’s career include 17th Century Spanish court painter Diego Velazquez, American Pop Artist Andy Warhol and the Great Vincent van Gogh. Leith respects Velazquez. He loves and hates Andy, and he has a kinship with Vincent. Leith admires  Rembrandt, Michael Snow, Yves Klein, Franz Kline, Claude Monet, Mark Rothko, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Laurie Anderson and the Group of 7. 


During his career Leith has exhibited in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Leith creates fine art paintings and 3-D mixed media artworks inspired by the splendour of the west: mountain landscapes, brilliant winter sunsets, grizzlies, black bears, weasels and spirit animals such as the crow.

Through his camera lens Leith has enjoyed many adventures in the wilderness of western Canada. He photographs beautiful landscapes and wild animals which are the muses and inspiration for his work.






The National Women's Show | Calgary
BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, AB

Calgary Home + Garden Show
BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, AB

Vend Urban Market | December Market
Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, AB

Superfine Art Fair | Los Angeles
Magic Box LA @ The Reef, Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Vancouver | International Art Fair
Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC

Horse Expo Canada | Art Show
Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB