The art that I create focuses on what I cherish the most: my home and native land. I love the idea of Canada and the idea of the north. I value the peace, freedom, tranquility and solitude that I find here. I am in awe of the natural beauty which surrounds us. I also love colour - bright, brilliant explosions of colour. The colours of nature are varied, abundant, subtle and pronounced. They are visible in the animals, skies and waters of our broad cold landscape.

Nature is both beautiful and dangerous. The north is not forgiving, yet provides the necessities for life to flourish. Wild animals can be both adorable and threatening - a duality that I capture in my muses. I work from my own photographs, and each animal has its own story. Animals are far more complex than we often acknowledge, and the encounters that I have with each of them are unique. Wildlife are at times vulnerable - as I often feel in the face of the reality of the north -  yet it is all beautiful to me.

Leith, B.F.A.