Artist Statement

Why do I make art, you may ask? To answer that question I may ask you, why does a bird fly? I also may ask, why is water wet? In each case the answer can be elusive. It's a quality intrinsic to its existence, in other words, it is their nature. I cannot cease being an artist, just as I cannot cease being a man. An artist is what - or who - I am and making art is what I excel at.

I see what others miss, or choose to overlook. Being an artist encompasses a way of looking at the world. I observe, contemplate and search for the beauty in things that are otherwise ignored. Life is colourful. I love colour. I am colourful, and I live to be colourful. 

I create art about what I love. I love Canada. I love the life that has been afforded me by my Grandparents as a result of their decision to start in a new land. I love the nature, the open spaces, the wildlife, the northern lights, the peace, the politeness, the friendliness and the safety of my country.

Leith, B.F.A.