I create art about what I love: I love Canada. I love the idea of Canada and the idea of the north. I value the peace, freedom, tranquility and solitude that I find here. I am in awe of the natural beauty which surrounds us. I also love colour, and that love comes from the little tree that grew outside my bedroom window as a child. The green leaves that sparkled in the sun and flickered as the wind blew always made me happy. The colours of nature are varied and abundant, visible in the animals, skies and waters of our broad cold landscape. 

The future that I see unfolding in front of us now is a concerning one. There is not enough attention on the single most important issue of our day: global warming. Even the term used to refer to the detrimental effects that we have on the planet has been down graded to climate change - a less threatening phrase. The real possibility of losing the natural beauty that we live among, enjoy and exploit due to that very exploitation is a frightening scenario. There is far too much focus on profit above all, and not enough guardianship of what we have. 

It is said that nothing in life is free. Sunlight is free. Clean water that falls from the sky is free. Sunlight and water are the two most significant ingredients needed for life to survive on this planet, and yet we continually disregard their value for our own greed. Business regard oil as one of the most precious resources at our disposal, but nature does not. Oil is a poison to almost everything that encounters it. The single most precious resource is water.

I hope that my art - which highlights the beauty of our country - will help the viewer to consider the value of that beauty. It is imperative that we learn to value and protect the land, air and water which provides for all of our needs.

Leith, B.F.A.