Fire III

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Third of a series of fire themed coloured abstract paintings. 

I love to make and tend to a fire, and watch the flames dance in the dark. The yellows, oranges and reds of flames dancing together in harmony. This recurring theme in my work speaks of the life giving and taking properties of fire. We need it to survive, particularly in the north where I live, and yet it is dangerous to all life. The interplay of the colours are reflective of the delicate balance between the utility and threat of this classical element. 

This small painting is an experiment in colour, and is a preamble for a series of large abstract paintings.

This painting comes framed and can be hung in whatever orientation that you choose. The image will appear differently depending on which way that you hang it. Consider the image as I display it, then rotate 90 degrees and look at it again. Find the orientation that speaks to you. This is part of the joy of abstract painting. 

My signature appears on the front of the work and my Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Night Lilacs (Lilacs II)
  • Acrylic on paper
  • 5" x 7" (frame included)
  • 2021
  • Unique, original art
  • Image property of Leith
I guarantee your satisfaction. Please see the Shipping, Repairs & Returns page to read my policies. There is no warranty on a painting. The paint is acrylic and coated in varnish, which is very durable. If you damage your work in the future, repairs are more than likely possible, though the cost and logistics are to be born by the customer and are determined on a case by case basis.