Mountains In The Clouds, Hwy 1A Cochrane to Banff, Alberta, Canada

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A few years ago I was driving on Highway 1A from Cochrane (just west of Calgary) to Banff National Park. The sky was sunny and blue with cumulus clouds piling up and dispersing as the wind flowed through the Bow Valley.  

As I travelled long the winding road the mountains rose through the clouds in a ominous yet beautiful way. Big, imposing, impressive and at the same time hidden almost completely out of sight. The peaks danced in the wind and water, highlighted by the bright sun. I watched as the forces that shape the mountains played amongst them, hiding and revealing the peaks at their whim. 

I stopped to take a photo of the heavenly display, with the idea that it would make a beautiful photo, and possibly a painting. Here I present this painting to you.

Mountains In The Clouds, Hwy 1A Cochrane to Banff, Alberta, Canada
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 30"  x 15"
  • 2021
  • Unique, original art
  • Finished with five coats of varnish to protect from dust and UV light
  • Wire pre-installed in the back for easy hanging
  • Image property of Leith


I guarantee your satisfaction. Please see the Shipping, Repairs & Returns page to read my policies. Though there is no warranty on a painting, it is acrylic on canvas coated in varnish, and is very durable. If you damage your work in the future, repairs are more than likely possible, though the cost and logistics are to be born by the customer and are determined on a case by case basis.