Stampede Stock Dog (Maple Leith No. 5)

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Do you love dogs, Border Collies or all Stock Dogs? Own a piece of animal art that will warm your heart. This mixed media painting of a Stock Dog from the 2018 Calgary Stampede is quality wall art that will make you smile with his happy but focused expression. Original art for sale that is unique and one of a kind featuring our best friend and loyal companion.   

A Stock Dog, also known as a Herding Dog or Working Dog, is a dog "bred to help shepherds and ranchers herd or work livestock" as defined by the American Kennel Club. Common breeds of Stock Dogs include the Border Collie, Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog.

There are Stock Dog Trials held around the globe, and each year the Calgary Stampede hosts the World Stock Dog Championships. 

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Billed as The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, the Stampede "preserves and celebrates our western heritage, culture and community spirit."

This Stock Dog is in the middle of the trial, circling back to the ewes (adult female sheep). This competition has long been my favourite event at the Stampede, as the dogs are cute and very serious. There is a four minute time allowance for the dog to herd 3 ewes through an obstacle course and into a holding pen. The best Stock Dog I've seen didn't need any commands from her handler, knew exactly what she was doing, and penned the ewes in less than 2 1/2 minutes while completing every requirement en route. Her time would have been excellent with commands from her handler, making her performance without directions all that more impressive.

My signature appears on the front of the work and my Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Stampede Stock Dog (Maple Leith No. 5)
  • Acrylic, mixed media on masonite
  • 48” x 48” x 7" 
  • 2018
  • Unique, original art
  • Finished with five coats of varnish to protect from dust and UV light
  • Wire pre-installed in the back for easy hanging
  • Image property of Leith
I guarantee your satisfaction. Please see the Shipping, Repairs & Returns page to read my policies. There is no warranty on a painting. Please note that this is a mixed media piece, and it is easily damaged. The paint is acrylic and coated in varnish, which is very durable. The leaf itself can crack if it suffers impact. If you damage your work in the future, repairs are more than likely possible, though the cost and logistics are to be born by the customer and are determined on a case by case basis.