Sunset Over Lake Koocanusa, View from Kikomun Creek Provincial Park, B.C.

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I had lived in B.C. for about a year when I witnessed this sunset at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park. I was camping for the weekend at Ponderosa Campground in Kikomun Creek, and as the sun went down behind the mountains the visual display was heart-stopping. This moment - which lasted only a few minutes - was one where I noted that is was good to be alive.

Every place that I have been holds its own unique charm to enjoy. It is true, however, that I have not seen such awe-inspiring natural beauty as I have in British Columbia. There is something special about the light here, and how it bends over the mountains that is uncommon to other regions in Canada, and I cherish every moment that I live here and spend outside.

I have painted this work as accurately to the colours that I saw and photographed that day. The work looks idealized, but it is not. The brilliance of the sky and clouds were breathtaking and in no way needed any level or artistic licence to accentuate them.

As with my abstracts works, this painting is an exploration - and indeed a celebration - of colour.

My signature appears on the front of the work and my Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Sunset Over Lake Koocanusa, View from Kikomun Creek Provincial Park, B.C.
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 36"  x 48"
  • 2020
  • Unique, original art
  • Finished with five coats of varnish to protect from dust and UV light
  • Wire pre-installed in the back for easy hanging
  • Image property of Leith