Vincent Listening

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Original art for sale of a young black bear in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada. I saw this bear hanging out on a grassy knoll, at the side of the only road that travels through Kootenay. He was young and cautious, with a white and copper chest blaze, and copper on his face. There was a continual noise that was keeping his attention behind him in the forest. I never heard, nor saw what made the noise, but it clearly was there and concerning him, as he never took his ears off the direction of the noise. He was calm and content with sitting in the sun in this open space. He looked at me with a matter of fact gaze and a passing curiosity, which was a direct contrast to my attention towards him.

I have given this bear the name Vincent. I chose Vincent to give homage to my favourite artist the Great Vincent Van Gogh, whose footsteps I have traced in France, whose grave I have visited and with whom I share a kinship with. Secondly, there is also a homage to a black bear that I once killed in a traffic accident. 

My signature appears on the front of the work and my Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Vincent Listening
Homage To Vincent I
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 36” x 24” 
  • 2020
  • Unique, original art
  • Finished with five coats of varnish to protect from dust and UV light
  • Wire pre-installed in the back for easy hanging
  • Image property of Leith


I guarantee your satisfaction. Please see the Shipping, Repairs & Returns page to read my policies. There is no warranty on a painting. The paint is acrylic and coated in varnish, which is very durable. If you damage your work in the future, repairs are more than likely possible, though the cost and logistics are to be born by the customer and are determined on a case by case basis.